Yakezie Weekly Round-up: Round Two!


Although it’s technically Saturday here, that’s close enough to my Friday Night Fights (where blogs battle for my attention). Check out the hand-selected articles below. If they were worth my time reading, they’re at least worth a click.

Some separate site news. Sort of quiet this week, I’ve been working behind the scenes. Wrote an interesting guest post for Sweating The Big Stuff, which will appear Monday, and have been drafting questions for a VERY exciting interview with a writer at CBS Marketwatch.

Stay tuned… and while you’re waiting – check out the links below!

Here’s a few interesting articles for your weekend pleasure:

A quick and to the point post, Beating Broke looks at the correlation between fitness and frugality. Maybe that’s why I like(d) feisty frugal fitness females!! *until I found the ultimate one, my fiance :)

As a proponent of ING, I’ve hit pay dirt. Two-for-one! Evan at My Journey to Millions and Kita at at Personal Finance Journey both talk about their positives experiences. PS – Don’t click on Evan’s links, email me for the same link but from a source you trust ;) *Can’t wait for the response on this one.

Not only is Austin an interesting guy currently living the Gaijin life, but he writes about HIS personal experience with Lending Club after 5 months. I’ve been skeptical of these peer-peer lending groups, have heard mixed reviews, but he talks about his 14.25% return!

Anyone in a relationship can tell you that communication is key. When you’re on different wavelengths, you may tend to argue with your spouse. The Rat looks at how he and his wife sidestepped a train wreck and handled the finances in their own life. Ending the Rat Race has been growing on me as of recent. Maybe it’s the hypnotic look of that dead, green rat…

Bytta at 151 days off took the time to create our first Yakezie Newsletter. It’s great to take a step back and reflect on the progress we’ve achieved and the highlights of individual’s accomplishments. *How come I didn’t make it on here?

“Okay smarty-pants, you’re an engineer math is EZ for you”. Well who cares because that’s not what personal finance is all about! And its not coming from me, Stay at Home Mom CFO says so herself. Quite the contrary, many times its about the other intangible skills you possess.

I can empathize with Mrs. Money about loaning money to friends, but this is why Suze Orman would be wagging her finger off exclaiming “GIRLFRIEND listen to me…” She discloses something personal to serve as a lesson to others. Unfortunately, if people aren’t good with their money, they probably won’t be any better with yours.

Just because an article isn’t current doesn’t make it any less relevant. Well-heeled blog is well-written, but didn’t give me anything I could work with! Decided to take matters into my own hands and scour her site for something good, and here it is: Women hold up Half the Sky. Specifically pay attention to the last two paragraphs about her own experience.

Hosting the site’s first ever giveaway, check out Young and Thirfty’s Book Review and Giveaway. The title was left out to entice readers to click on the link. Intrigued?

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19 Responses
    1. Fin Engr

      @ Young:

      Well hope you get a spike in traffic for the giveaway! :)

      Have to engage the reader, but also want to show respect for the writers. You spent the time to draft the post, so think you should get a little more than “click here”.

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Forest:

      Maybe I can start a retro/classics round-up. So many great articles are written that get swept under the rug of time (myself included with this site).

      Famous quotes are taken not from the latest/greatest comment made, but from those that stand the test of time…

    1. Fin Engr

      @ SAHMCFO:

      Well it was a well-written article, and honestly, something I had even glossed over. Clear and focused always deserve recognition.

      ha…not there yet, this was a case of fortunate happenstance.

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Evan:
      Where’s the little devil emoticon?? jk! ;)


    1. Fin Engr

      @ Mrs. Money:

      Ideally, but most likely not. :/ It’s easy for people to resist in theory, but the puppy-dog looks of a long time friend requires a stronger will.

  1. Bytta@151DaysOff

    Thanks for the link, mate.
    Hey, how come you’re not on the Wisebread second page? I think you need to submit your blog first (if you haven’t). I found out that I was not there today so I submitted my blog.
    I think you’re going to be on the first page within 2 weeks.

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Bytta:

      Submitted once, no reply. Given your motivational words, submitted a second time today. Some other members had the same issue. Seems like the solution is to submit (on my part) until submission (on their part).

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Austin.

      Interesting analysis. Have you ever considered calculating the break point? i.e. how many defaults you could sustain, or at what rate, until it negated the return.

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