FinEngr Meets T. Boone Pickens!


T. Boone Pickens

With a title like that, it’s hard to transition…  Let’s just say Thursday turned out alright.

During a charity event, I was leisurely flipping through an “original facebook” (i.e. the printed program of event attendees) to see if anything caught my eye.

Mr. & Mrs. Blahblah

Mr. & Mrs. Blubbityblah


If only the last name was provided, I may have easily glanced over the entry. But low and behold, there he was, a few tables away. Once the idea sunk in, I got REALLY excited.

Grabbing my fiance after dinner, we rushed over for an introduction. This was one chance I didn’t want to miss out on.

Although very brief, the dialogue went something like this:

FinEngr: “Mr. Pickens, as an engineer, it’s an honor to meet you. You’re sort of an investing idol for me… then something else I can’t recall.”

TBP: “You’re an engineer? said a few more things…

FinEngr: “Yes sir”…stumble over words… try to make some intelligent comment relating to his interests in nuclear & wind energies.

TBP: Whatever we do, we need to do it here. That damn OPEC will kill us.”

Some other things were mentioned, but I was too awe-struck at that point. As planned, my fiance chimed in, “Can we get a picture!?!”

After that, we shook hands again and bid farewell. He closed with, “Congratulations on the wedding. Stay close to this one, he’s going places.”

Unfortunately, I think he thought I arranged our attendance to the event and she was my arm candy for the evening. Actually, it was the other way around. The whole event was her own workings, I just had to look pretty. ;)



To tie everything together, there’s a little lesson related to personal finance here. Notice the underlined phrase: “whatever we do, we need to do it here”. Letting the idea regurgitate in my mind, I thought about the underlying theme (over a healthy glass of bourbon). Drawing out two, here’s what I took from it.

Maintaining Control

One of the most limiting factors to growth can be relinquishing control and acquiescing to the controller. This process removes you from participating in your own future. Of course, there will be things which we may never control 100% or may have no choice in, but each time we choose to give away a little bit more it puts us at risk in the long term.

Reinvesting in Ourselves

One of the fears I’ve heard with improving solar’s technology has been losing control by not reinvesting in ourselves. If massive R&D projects are conducted, but not followed up on the manufacturing side – the future of the industry will be lost to elsewhere. It would be great for the manufacturing country, but not the research country because future developments will come from the back-end (reconfiguring and modifying the existing design).

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7 Responses
    1. Fin Engr

      @ FS:

      I’ll agree with the part about clean energy… we can debate the Cowboys.

      What I like is that he promotes all forms of energy production. It’s not between the “fossil fuel” and “clean energy” camps – it’s what’s best for everyone?

      And much like our investments, its not a sole-source solution – its a cocktail of different technologies.

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Keith:
      Stereotyping age with stubbornness, it’s also an incredible thing because it shows even though you can spend your whole life working in a specific area, when times/conditions change so can you.

      Thanks for stopping by! Seen LifeTuner around before, and interested in the services offered. Been by the site and it looks well done.

    1. Fin Engr

      Hey – At least I don’t run the risk of melanoma! I’m also pretty bald if you couldn’t tell by that shiny white dome ;)

      I’m hoping some of his idea electrons rubbed off on me.

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