Save More Money By Avoiding These Sneaky Store Tactics


There are many tricks that retailers use to get you to spend more money in their stores. No matter how hard you fight to save your cash for the items that you truly need, there is a chance that some of these tricks have worked on you and caused you to spend more than you intend. Being aware of these sneaky store tactics is the first step in avoiding them, but you should also have some strategies on hand to help you counteract the effects of these tactics. Here are some simple tactics that will help you save more money while shopping.

Putting More Expensive Items At Eye Level

When people are in a hurry, they often choose the first acceptable item that they see, especially when dealing with easily comparable items like grocery store foods. Stores often place the most expensive brands at eye level so they are the first thing that you see and place cheaper items closer to the floor. It is easy to counteract this sneaky tactic by taking the time to compare these items and choosing the one that is the best value. An additional 10 seconds in front of a product shelf can save you 20% or more on the overall cost of your purchase.

Regular Priced Items Displayed As If On Sale

Many stores display special items on the ends of aisles or in the center of walkways on display shelves that make them look like sale items. However, if you were to research further, you would find that the price shown on the display is the same price that you would have paid for the item last week or the week before. Displaying non-sale items in this way creates a sense of urgency in the shopper and helps the store unload excess merchandise. If these items are not already on your list of things to buy, leave them on the shelves and save your money.

Creating Stopping Points

Since the only way for you to put something in your shopping cart is for you to stop and pick up the item, stores create many reasons for you to stop your progress through the store. By designing aisles that are barely wide enough for two carts to pass each other and placing display items in the way at regular intervals, situations are created where you will have to stop moving to be considerate to other shoppers. Every time you stop, the chances that you will put something into your cart increases. Shopping with a list that you stick to is the easiest way to counteract this tactic, because it stops you from picking up items that you do not need.

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