The ABCs of Living Cheaply


Let’s face it; your money’s always tight. It’s hard enough, working and getting to class, then doing all the reading associated with it. You don’t have time to shop around or compare prices, but you need to find the best deals to make your budget work for you. Here are some tips for making the most of your dollars!

Many local businesses near campus offer regular discounts with student IDs all year round. Don’t feel awkward, asking if they have a special rate for students. Students are a large population of potential customers, and they want your business! You can also find coupons in campus newspapers, student association handbooks, and anywhere else where students gather.

The experts in Canadian coupons at Canadian Savers recommend that students avoid shopping at the premium grocery stores where prices are inflated and are targeted towards suburban families. Instead, give the smaller, discount grocery stores a try, and pick up produce that’s in season at your local farmers’ market. Also, dollar stores are a miracle for buying cheap kitchen and bathroom items.

Also try to buy in bulk. Either buy a membership for a bulk warehouse retailer like Costco or Walmart or go there for a shopping trip with a friend or family member that has a membership. Remember that if you can afford the larger up-front cost, then you’ll save big in the long run. Especially on essentials like sugar, milk and bread. Remember that bread and milk can be frozen to make them last even longer.  Between Costco and Walmart, Costco is probably the better choice. The company has excellent customer service and return policies.

Finally, coupons are an easy way to save. Gone are the days of scouring through newspapers and Penny Savers finding the best deals. There are so many websites that curate all the best deals now making it so much easier to save. Also, many businesses allow you to sign up for their email lists to receive daily and weekly offers. Many of these contain QR codes that can be scanned straight off of your phone (no printing necessary!).

The bargains are out there if you’re willing to branch out and try new things. Show your fiscal independence to your family and friends by becoming a super savvy shopper!

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