Pay For Your Next Family Vacation With Cash


Getting the family together to plan the next family trip is fun, but saving for the trip can be hard. Saving money for your next family vacation should be a collective effort. Everyone in the family can help out by doing just a little bit throughout the year to save money or cut expenses. Coming up with a savings plan for the whole family will take a small amount of effort. Here are some examples of things a family can do to save for their next vacation.


Take a look at your family’s current weekly or monthly entertainment budget and plan to decrease it by 30 – 50%, putting the money saved away for vacation money. You can save towards your vacation by trading in family dinners at restaurants for dinners at home or staying home and having a movie night with movies rented from the local library instead of going to the movies to see the latest feature film. If you’re a family that likes to play together, there are plenty of activities to do at nearby parks, such as Frisbee golf, hiking, boating and bicycling. Put any savings from these activities toward the cost of the next big family vacation.

Shop Clearance

Families can save big money on clothing by shopping from the clearance racks. Always check the clearance racks first when buying new clothes, as most of the clothes you find will be more than half off the original price. If you find clothing on clearance in a size that doesn’t fit, try shopping that retailer’s online clearance section for more options. The time of year you choose for buying clothing for the family can also save you big. Look for late season closeouts, as this will help build next season’s wardrobe for a fraction of the cost.

Sell Unwanted Items

Earn more money for a vacation by having a yard sale and have everyone in the home contribute to the cause. Do a spring cleaning of the house and have the family collect all of the clothes they have outgrown or do not wish to keep any longer. Have kids donate any toys they no longer play with, surplus computers or electronics that may be sitting around, or unopened art projects that they have never used. If you have storage units, this will be a good time go through them and sell off some of your clutter for a good cause. Take any money made and put it towards the savings for your next vacation.

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