How to Save Energy as a Business Owner


(Guest Post)

While switching providers to British Gas Business Electricity may go a long way towards saving on utility costs as a business owner, it’s often the small things that you can encourage your employees to adopt which can make the difference. By doing your bit as a business, you can save heaps on your monthly bills and also contribute towards making the planet a brighter place.

Comparing business electricity suppliers can help you to save considerable amounts of money per month, meaning that you can keep tabs on your outgoings without worrying about whether you’re paying over the odds on your energy bills. Giving up to date meter readings rather than relying on estimated billing will help to provide more accurate bills and opting for one of the excellent fixed rate packages will ensure that for the foreseeable future, your prices won’t be hiked.

There are plenty of ways in which you and your employees can save energy at work too. Take a look at some of these fantastic ways that don’t take much time at all. It just means adopting good habits.

  • Turn off the heating when you leave the office. What’s the point having the rooms warm and cosy when there’s nobody there to appreciate it?
  • Switch off non-essential equipment overnight. Of course, some things will need to keep running but that doesn’t include gadgets like the coffee machine and the photocopier.
  • Alternatively, have a look into timed switches that turn everything off for you at certain times.
  • Use energy saving features on appliances that have them. Keep computers and printers in low energy states when not in use to help save on consumption. Invest in more up to date technology that is more energy efficient as standard.
  • Turn off lights when not in use! Keep bathrooms, storage cupboards or unused office space in the dark unless they’re being used.
  • Make sure outside doors are closed at all times to avoid unnecessary draughts and heat loss.
  • Install energy saving light bulbs or efficient fluorescent light fittings with movement and daylight sensors.

Small changes can go a long way. If you and your employees give a little extra thought to your day, you will see a big change in your energy bills and will positively impact the environment, too

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