Super Sneaky Ways To Save More Money


Sometimes the best way to save more money is to find ways to save that do not seem like work. When you are constantly thinking about saving, it begins to seem like a chore and you will start to lose enthusiasm for the process. Instead of obsessing over every dollar and whether it should go into your savings account, try some unconventional ways of saving that you can use every day practically without thinking. Here are some good ways to save more money that you may not be aware of.

Be A Change Saver

One of the oldest ways to save money is to save your change, but many of us forget about using this method when we get older. Fortunately, we can still save our change while paying with checks and debit cards. Simply round up the amount of the purchase price to the nearest dollar in your checking ledger and use the new amount to balance your checkbook. This keeps the change from these transactions in reserve in your bank account and hidden from your spending funds. Over time, this change will add up to a significant amount that can be transferred to your savings account.

Continue Making Payments

Most people have items that they are paying on that will eventually be paid off, like a car or a credit card. Once these items have been paid off, continue making the payments, but send them to your savings account instead. This allows you to save a significant amount of money without having to change your budget or your current lifestyle. You will not miss the money because you are still paying the same amount that you have been paying, just to a different account.

Bank Raises And Bonuses

When you get a raise or a bonus at work, increase your savings instead of increasing your expenses. Many employers allow you to have your paycheck direct deposited in several different accounts and you can designate a certain percentage of your pay to go into your savings account. When you receive a raise, increase the percentage that is going into your savings account and have the amount that is deposited into your checking account remain the same. Any checks that are received as a bonus payment should be deposited into your savings account as well. This allows you to continue spending as before while putting some money aside for your future needs.

Each of these methods allows you to save money without having to make lifestyle changes or sacrifices to do it. Do you use any of these saving methods? How have they worked out for you? Share your experience with our readers.

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  1. I like the idea of being a change saver. I used to do this when I was younger, but have indeed forgotten it as I grew older. Guess I should go back to that old habit.

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