Retail Tricks That Cost You Money


Whenever you go into a store, you are under a constant subliminal assault to get you to spend more money than you intended to spend when you walked into the store. This can easily lead to overspending and creating debt if you are not aware of what is happening to you. In order to avoid these sneaky tricks, you have to be aware of what they are and how they affect you. Here are some of the most common ways that stores entice you into spending more.

Traveling Through The Store

Some people get frustrated because none of the items that they need are ever shelved together in the store? The socks are usually in one section with shirts on the other side of the store and the pajamas nowhere near either one of them. This is to make customers traverse through the store as much as possible before heading to the checkout line. While walking from item to item, there is a good chance that the customer will see something else that they want to buy. If you want to save money on your shopping, use a list and go directly to the items that you need, minimizing your time in the store.

A Well Stocked Checkout Line

The items that people usually buy on impulse are conveniently located along the sides of the checkout line. Because you will typically have to wait in line and continue looking at these items for a considerable amount of time, there is a better chance of you convincing yourself that you need an item and putting it with the rest of your purchases. To combat this train of thought, remind yourself that the items at the checkout line are typically the ones with the highest markup and if it isn’t on your shopping list, you should not purchase it.

Conveniently Large Shopping Carts

Stores put large shopping carts at the front of the store hoping that you will grab one and fill it up during your visit. The smaller carts and baskets are always a little more difficult to find. Studies have shown that people that use large carts when shopping tend to pick up more impulse items because they have more room to carry them. If you are only purchasing a few things, avoid the shopping carts altogether and carry the items in your hands. If you intend to grab more than you can safely handle without assistance, use a small shopping basket instead.

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  1. Yeah, I’d have to guess that the number one item that people run into a grocery store to get is milk, since every store sticks it in the back corner at the furthest point from the door. How many people running in for a gallon of milk end up picking up some other items along the way?

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