Want Some Extra Cash? There’s Money All Around You


(The following is a post by T. Williams)

Unless you are a billionaire, you could use some extra cash. Many working people find it difficult to find the money that they need for all the things they believe are important to have, including savings for retirement or for their children’s college education. There are many different ways to get more money and a large number of these methods require just a small amount of effort from you. By using the resources around you, you can increase the amount of cash you have by a considerable amount.

Sell Any Used Items You Don’t Want

One of the easiest ways to make some extra cash is to sell any old items that you have that you are not using anymore. That shirt that you bought on clearance two years ago but never wore, the cake pop maker that you received for a birthday present, and that old table that you would like to replace could result in a significant amount of money for you if you were to sell them. Websites like Craigslist and eBay allow you to set your own price and sell your items directly to the people that are interested in them. DHL Express shipping is cheaper than you would think and the buyer will be happy to get their item quickly.

Turn Your Hobbies Into Money

Most of us have hobbies, or little things that we do when we are bored, that can be turned into money fairly easily. Some people like to do yarn work and needlecrafts, creating beautiful blankets, clothing, and wall hangings that many people would love to have in their home. Other people like to cook desserts or do woodworking for fun. Really lucky people find that their hobby can lead to a part time gig or even a new career. Find things that you really like to do and see if there is some way that you can monetize them to put more money in your pocket.

Visit Your Local Recycling Center

Another good way to make some extra money is to take recyclables to your local recycling center. Boxes of old newspapers and bags full of soda cans can be turned into cash with very little effort. Larger items that are made of metal will be even more valuable. To make it easy on yourself, separate your recyclables as you are putting them away so when the time comes to turn them in, there is no prep work that has to be done. Recycling is a very efficient way to turn potential trash into foldable money.

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