Shopping at Nordstrom – Do you need a budget?


Nordstrom is great luxury department store it carries items that many fashion conscious men and women covet. In essence getting Nordstrom coupons is like robbing a bank and then saving the money at the same bank. They stock items from reputable designers and design labels that are to die for. They include Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Prada, Eileen Fisher, David Yurman and Top shop among others. They have great sales the half yearly and anniversary sales grant you a huge percentage off great items.

 5 ways to shop smart at Nordstrom

 • Sign up for a Nordstrom card

For each purchase you make using your card you earn two points per dollar. It doesn’t matter what the items net worth is you will earn 2 points for a dollar. In future you can use this money to purchase other items. Be on the lookout for special days when you can earn more points per dollar. This means you accumulate more points faster.

• Sign up for their emails, newsletters and like or follow them on social media

This updates you on specials days, clearance sales and Nordstrom coupon codes you also get invitation to look and purchase for items before other customers. This invites allow you to use your Nordstrom discount codes. Imagine being able to purchase a Chanel handbag at a discount and before other customers. This updates help you maximize on all the discount opportunities available saving you a lot of money. Like and follow them on social media networks they post or tweet about their special days, giveaways and other promotion materials.

• Earn money on Nordstrom

Frugal people know how to capitalize on opportunities thus making them earn money. Saving money is not the only way you can benefit from Nordstrom you can also make money. If you get another person to open a credit or debit account with them you earn some Nordstrom notes. Apart from that you can participate in their various competitions i.e. writing reviews on some of their product.

• Get free online coupons

It is wise to shop through affiliate sites that offer a percentage back from your purchase if you get coupons from them. Nordstrom coupons allow you to purchase high quality items from their stores. Designer shoes, clothes, handbags and fragrance. Use the coupon code as you sign out to ensure you cut the costs even more.

• Ensure you shop in special days

They have several of those among them; Signup specials where you earn $20 worth of Nordstrom money if you get a friend to sign up for their credit or debit cards. You can shop during double or triple point days. This will earn yor points faster for less purchase than usual. Shop during clearance time you can get great items at a greatly reduced price. The great thing about Nordstrom sales is they are posted in advance and they happen almost the same time each year. They have half-yearly sales and anniversary sales where you can buy a number of items at a discount. If you have a Nordstrom Coupon you can buy a great item like a coat or boots at a fraction of its retail price. This saves you a tidy sum of money.

Be smart and sign up for Nordstrom coupon code to find the available ones and be notified when new Nordstrom coupons become available. Apart from in fashion and stylish outfits and accessories for all people, they also have great house wares like bed and bath. You can also get bridal gowns, home décor items and gift vouchers are also available. You can save up to 60% on various great items.

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  1. Department stores are great for always having a million and one different ways to save! Taking the time to understand the way they generally operate (like the card sign up, special days, etc that you’ve mentioned) can result in quite a lot of savings!

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