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Did you know that doctors in the United States earn more than CEOs? The latest data given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. show that anesthesiologists earn more than anyone else in the United States. The study includes data from more than a million American companies. 9 of 10 highest paid professions relate to the field of medicine.

The salary of doctors is so high not only because of supply and demand in the market, but also because once they have invested a large sum for their own education. In the case of medical malpractice doctor pay very large sums for fines, so they have to buy insurance against possible charges of negligence. Besides medical workers, there are professions that are not much less well-paid. For example, accountant jobs. On JobTonic you will find accounting jobs that are available in Houston and other cities.

The top ten most paying jobs in the United States

  1. Anesthesiologist. High salary in this specialization reflects the responsibilities and risks associated with the work. Currently in the United States there are about 30 thousands anesthesiologists. During surgery, anesthesiologists control the work of the heart, breathing, blood pressure, body temperature, fluid balance in the body, the pain and the patient’s level of consciousness. To become an anesthesiologist in the United States, it is necessary study at least 9 years, and then practice for at least 3 years. American Society of Anesthesiologists says that the number of anesthesiologists has doubled since the 1970s, and patient outcomes have improved significantly. While the chance of dying during surgery due to anesthesia was approximately 1 to 1,500, now this number is 1 to 200 000. Average anesthetists receive $ 112 per hour, and their average annual salary is $232,830.
  2. Surgeon. There are about 42,000 of surgeons In the United States, their average wage is about $ 111 per hour, the average annual salary is about $230,000.
  3. Obstetrician-gynecologist. Total number is about 21 thousand people; the average salary is about $ 104 per hour; the average annual salary is $217,000.
  4. Surgical dentistry, maxillofacial surgery. Total number: about 5,000 people; the average annual salary: $216,000.
  5. General practitioner. Total number: about 45 thousand people; the average annual salary: $192,000.
  6. Orthodontist. Total number: about 5,500 people; the average annual salary: $186,000.
  7. Physician and surgeon (all other branches). Total number: about 308 thousand people; the average annual salary: $185,000.
  8. Family doctor. Total number: about 110 thousand people; the average annual salary: $181,000.
  9. Psychiatrist. Total number: about 24 thousand people; the average annual salary: 178,000.
  10. The Director-General. Corporate executives earn an average of $ 177,000 per year. But there are managers who earn much more. Maximum annual income of Director General in 2012 was $131 million (one of the pharmaceutical companies).

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