Slash Your Spending With These Smartphone Apps

Photograph Courtesy Of Pixabay
Photograph Courtesy Of Pixabay

Most of the people that have smartphones rarely go anywhere without it. Smartphones have become such a part of everyday life that people have started using them for a variety of everyday tasks. Developers that create smartphone apps have designed a wide array of tools that can help you save money by reducing the amount you spend on everyday items. Here are some great smartphone apps that will help you slash your spending and save more money.

Coupon Sherpa – Coupon Finder

If you look hard enough, you can find a coupon for nearly anything you want to purchase. To make the search easier, the Coupon Sherpa app compiles a coupon database containing coupons for a wide variety of items, from hardware to clothing to food items. You can search through the coupons by retailer or search for coupons for specific items that you intend to buy. Using coupons regularly can save you a large amount of money over the course of the year if you stick to buying items that you will actually use, especially if you can find coupons for free items or half off the price of the item you desire.

RedLaser – Merchandise Price Comparison Tool

The RedLaser app is a great app for comparing prices before you buy, ensuring that you get the lowest price on the items that you want. If you are in a retail store, you can scan the bar code of the item you are interested in and instantly see competing prices from a number of retailers that list their prices on the internet. If you are in a store that offers price matching, you can immediately get a lower price on the merchandise. If the store you are in does not offer price matching, you always have the option of ordering the item from the retailer with the lower price.

GasBuddy – Gasoline Price Comparison Tool

Gasoline prices can vary significantly from station to station in the same city, so finding the best price on gas when you are low can be a difficult task. The GasBuddy app allows you to input your current location and see the gas prices at nearby stations so you can see where to go to get the best price. You can also enter the prices that you see at your local gas stations to provide the most up to date information for others who are searching as well. Prices are reported from everywhere, so this is a great app to have with you on a road trip.

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