The Holidays are Coming and You Need Money


make money for the holidaysPreparing for the holidays themselves is a stressful time, especially for those on tight budgets. Although it may seem like the Christmas tree may not have any gifts under it, there are ways to make holiday cash. Consider a part-time seasonal position at a local establishment based upon your skills and abilities. If this is not an option, consider one of the options listed below.

Make and Sell Crafts

If you are crafty, plan to attend a few craft fairs. Take your crafts and price them fairly. Also consider creating a theme that corresponds with the time of year that it is. This will help you make more sales. Something else to consider the type of craft you can offer. It is best to offer something that is non-traditional and what others are not doing. The more unique your craft is, the more intriguing it is to consumers.

Offer Winterization or Holiday Decorating Services

Elders and those that are disabled are likely to have difficulties winterizing their homes or setting up holiday decorations. You can charge a small fee for these services and provide a valuable community service at the same time. When it comes to winterizing a home, it is best to assess the situation in the home first and come up with a plan. Discuss this with the homeowner and make plans to get the job done.

Deliver Pizza

There is a high turnaround rate in the restaurant industry. Delivering pizza is not below you when your income is not sufficient for holiday shopping or events. You will receive tips, an hourly wage and some establishments also offer mileage reimbursement. This part-time job can just be on weekends or whatever your personal schedule permits.

Take up Writing

If you are good with words, looking into a few content mills or private writing services is another option. Many content mills pay weekly or bi-weekly. A few do pay daily. It is best to read the terms and conditions of the service to ensure that you can provide the content they need for their clients.

Of course there is always to traditional method of getting a loan from sites like  But with these other options, you can completely avoid having to consider a payday loan or auto title loan. Earning the money you need is more satisfying than just getting a loan and having another payment to worry about. The holidays can be very expensive, so start your extra money earning efforts soon so that enough money is made with plenty of time to shop for gifts and special food items.

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