Great Shopping Apps That Really Save Money


Finding the best price when shopping can be an arduous task. Reviewing ads, comparing prices and clipping coupons can take hours of time that you just don’t have with your busy life. Fortunately, there are a number of great shopping apps available that can help you save money on the majority of your purchases. Here are some of the best shopping apps to check out.

Amazon Local

Amazon has its own budget-shopping app called Amazon local that offers deals, discounts, and coupons at a wide variety of local retailers and national chains. The app allows users to view and purchase deals from the retailers you are interest in and you can set an alert to receive a notice when a favorite retailer posts a new deal. The purchases are guaranteed through Amazon, giving customers another incentive to discover new businesses in their community.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is one of the most well known shopping apps available today. The app offers consumers hundreds of coupons from retailers and restaurants that can be stored on and used from your phone. The app also includes grocery coupons, which are often missing from other coupon apps. Show the coupons you find to a store’s cashier at checkout to save a considerable amount off of the price of your purchase.


ShopSavvy is a price comparison app that allows you to scan the bar code of a product and search for its lowest price amid various local stores and websites. If you find a lower price at a local store, you can use the app to call the store, get directions to the store, or visit its store website via ShopSavvy. The app also provides alerts for when a new deal for a wanted item is found. All of the information is updated from various retailers and brands in real time.


SnipSnap is a coupon-clipping app that allows you to keep all of your coupons at your fingertips on your smartphone. SnipSnap recognizes the text and images on printed coupons that you take a picture of and turns them into mobile-ready offers that can be shown to a store cashier. The app can also be used to search a database of coupons and search offers from various retailers. You can also post pictures of the coupons that you have found and use coupons found by other shoppers.

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