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IMG_1256Is your business looking to build its online profile? Today, using social media to engage with your target audience is the sharpest way of cutting into new business opportunities. Traditional marketing strategies still have influence, but for quick and effective results try social media to build the visibility of your brand.

What do you do when you want information about something? You go online, just like the rest of us tend to do. By giving yourself a prominent online presence, you can reinforce your brand’s visibility and ultimately it’s message.

It’s a platform game

If you haven’t already, catch up with the rest of the world and sign up for all the social media accounts you can. In business the main ones to consider are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Other online platforms such as Google+, Pinterest and Instagram are also effective, depending on the type of business.

Social media is good for promoting businesses, services and individuals, keeping them in people’s thoughts on a continual basis. This is reflected in the “always on” nature of information that platforms such as Twitter promote. Here, news of competitions, coupon codes, press releases, special limited time offers, product announcements, fresh collections, links to promotional video clips or interviews, sharp copy and even sharper images can all be pumped out constantly, 24/7, to a global audience. For customer service queries and two-way dialogue with clients, Twitter functions well; for marketers it is a flexible, powerful way of accurately targeting likely leads. Take the example of dog food. With Twitter it is easy to find dog lovers using hashtags and lists, thereafter you follow them – if they follow you back you can set about introducing your product. The power of social media, harnessed effectively, pushes your brand into the eye-line of online audiences every waking moment.

Twitter users with expertise in a certain area regularly collect large followings because they have something unique to say, backed by serious experience and credentials. Denver based Consumer Capital Partners headed by Rick Schaden are a big player in the world of fast food restaurants and dining in general. As CEO of Quizno’s, Rick Schaden tweets about his enthusiasm for food and directs followers to interesting articles on mouthwatering topics, as well as other tweets promoting good causes on his home turf in Colorado. These tweets offer a personal take on the industry he is passionate about and give fascinating insight into his world and the issues that matter.

Join the brand

Twitter in particular is great for reputation management and reinforcing brand messages. Tweeting on topic areas relevant to your business has the twin benefits of engaging followers while pushing your message or product constantly. An interesting Twitter feed can attract attention far and wide because as the number of followers grows, so do the instances of re-tweeting and sharing of your 140 character nuggets of wisdom.

In business there will always be a place for face-to-face interaction with clients, but if you are smart and combine a strong online profile with winning branding, social media can extend your marketing reach without becoming impersonal.  At the end of the day, your business will be more visible with a social media boost, so can you afford not to join the social media party?


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  1. I’d also suggest using the “pulse” feature on LinkedIn, it’s a few months old now and you can write articles and get a lot of eyes on it. You can also link to your website.

    Just be sure to write original pieces and you can really gain traction. LinkedIn has a huge visitor base and they interact well with good content. They love good financial news too.

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