Money Management Apps That Improve Your Financial Discipline


Many of us lack the financial discipline we need to get a handle on our finances and begin making our money work for us instead of against us. The reasons for this are numerous. Very few high schools and colleges require students to take financial literacy classes prior to graduation. If you did not grow up in a family that made financial literacy a priority, there is a good chance that you are making mistakes with your finances because you have never been taught any differently.

Fortunately, a number of companies are beginning to recognize the scope of the issue and are creating easy-to-use money management apps that will help average people manage their money and take control of their finances. Apps are great to use for money management because you can carry them with you at all times on your smartphone and access them at your whim. Here are some of the best money management apps available today.


Mint is a great money management app for budgeting and tracking your spending. With this app, you link your bank accounts, credit accounts, and investment accounts into a single system that allows you to view all of the transactions that are occurring with your accounts. You can use the app to calculate and monitor your net worth, create a budget that automatically categorizes your transactions, and monitor your investments to ensure they continue to grow as you expect.

Level Money

Level Money is another budgeting app that works a little differently than Mint. Once you have set your budgeting categories and amounts in the Level Money program, the program removes the amount of each transaction from the appropriate budget category and alerts you to how much money you have left in the category to spend. The app is advertised as a good way to help you remain in the black on your budget because you will always know how much you have left to spend.


Acorns is a good way to get started with investing when you do not have a lot of money to spare. The app takes the spare change from each of your transactions and invests it into an investment portfolio for you. You can also set a daily, weekly, or monthly amount to be transferred from your bank account into your Acorns account to be used to secure more investments for your portfolio. Acorns diversifies your portfolio for you to make investing as simple as possible.

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