Saving money is on everyone’s minds these days. Sometimes, in the search for ways to save, some of the most interesting solutions are overlooked. Here are six unconventional ways to save money that you may not have thought about.

Split Your WiFi Bill

If you live in close accommodations, like an apartment building, and you are friendly with your neighbors, you should see if they want to split the WiFi bill with you. Many cable internet packages have no data limit and the signal will easily reach adjoining apartments.

Threaten To Cancel Your Cable

Cable company representatives are trained to try to convince you to continue your cable service if you threaten to cancel it. The representatives will often offer to cut the price of your package or offer you a deal to keep your service active. You may even be able to take advantage of the company’s current promotional rate.

Remove Weight From Your Car

Removing weight from your car is another of the overlooked unconventional ways to save money. The heavier your car is, the more gas it will consume getting you from place to place. Remove any heavy items that you are storing in your car and store it in your home or garage instead. You can also increase your gas mileage by making sure your tires are properly inflated and ensuring your air filter is in good condition.

Trade Date Night Babysitting With Friends

Date nights are important for maintaining a relationship, but paying a babysitter to watch the children for the evening can be expensive. A cheaper option could be to trade date night babysitting with another couple you are friends with. This way, both couples get to have a night out without the added expenses of hiring a babysitter.

Plan Outings Around Free Events

Free events are a great way to have some inexpensive fun and meet new people. Most cities hold a number of free events throughout the year, including free concerts, free movies, free festivals, and other community events. These free events can be found in your local newspaper or online at your city’s visitor website.

Explore Your Local Library

Local libraries offer a number of unconventional ways to save money. In addition to loaning out books, magazines, movies, and music for free, many libraries also hold events and classes that are free for participants. For example, the Westerville Public Library in Ohio holds classes to learn Windows 10 and Internet Essentials, musical dance classes for children, homework help nights for teenagers, and wine appreciation groups.

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