Don’t Try to be a Mind Reader, Try these Finance Tips Instead


ball-625908_640All you spiritual enthusiasts out there, here’s a sad but undeniable truth – none of us can read minds. We’re all living like the great philosopher Rene Descartes claimed; “I think therefore I am”.

For all we know we’re just brains in a jar creating the world around us. And it makes other people a mystery.

Imagine trying to negotiate the perils and pitfalls of business with this philosophy in mind.

The mysteries of clients would never be uncovered, the future of your finances would be impossible to predict and you’d never quite be sure if your staff were satisfied.

Of course, this is true in some cases. In the world of business, there are always a huge number of great unknowable factors.

So what’s the solution? You’ll have to keep as many safeguards in place as possible to keep yourself financially secure.

With that in mind, we’ve thrown Descartes’ theories out the window and found a few things you can be sure of in your business. They’ll be certain to keep you afloat in choppy entrepreneurial waters.

The right software

There was a time, back when the world was in black and white and Al Jolson played on the transistor radio, when figuring out your payroll was a rigorous task. Endless numbers of secretaries would spend weeks processing salaries and maintaining absence sheets.

Let’s thank our lucky stars that we live in changed times. Even a decade ago, payroll software chugged along slower than a 19th century steam engine.

Now, however, payroll software has become bleeding edge. The best software comes with the numerous features, tracking attendance and key performance indicators – all at the click of a button.

Advice, advice, advice

You’re not alone in your business. Even if you’ve not got a keen mind for money, there are always people you can turn to for advice.

Financial advisors come ten-a-penny and they’re filled with a vast range of economical know how that will keep your purse strings tight while still allowing your enterprise to expand.

Consult your advisors on all key issues concerning your cash flow. With their help your profits could grow exponentially.

Anchored to success

Chances are you’ve got dreams of mountains of money and corporate towers that reach high into the sky. But while ambition is great for a company’s success, it can also lead to a fatal misfire that could sink your business without a trace.

Find the perfect balance between ambition and common sense before you make a decision that could change the face of your company. Even if your next step falters, you’ll know that you gave it your best shot.

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