Why Tesla Has No Dealerships


tesla-motors-1024x766In Fremont, California there is a large building. It houses Tesla Motors. This plant is the only place in the world where Tesla’s vehicles are made. Each car is custom made and designed especially for its owner. This is the only place you will find these vehicles shipped from, because Tesla has no car dealerships, at all.

Tesla produces an electric car, with an aluminum base with stability that cannot be matched by any other car on the road. Even their glass topped vehicles exceed any other car on the road for safety. This safety affords less accidents, which saves the dealership and the car owners’ money. Imagine the competitors have accidents which create an average of 50 million disabled people a year. This costs time, money (to the tune of millions) and heartache for families, friends, and loved ones. Wouldn’t you want to save your family, and income, from these tragedies by purchasing the safest vehicle available?

Since this car is so superior wouldn’t you want a dealership on every corner? Tesla has chosen not to go with the dealership marketing plan. They will not franchise or create dealerships and Tesla maintains full ownership of all galleries, similar to how Apple owns its own Apple stores. This is to create superior customer service experiences for each person that buys a Tesla. When you buy a Tesla you are not just buying a car, but a way of life.

Even phone conversations with their Tesla sales associates surge with energy and appreciation for this fine vehicle and the innovations being made by the company each day. Speaking with those who actually sell the car is like talking to a beaming parent after their child has receives the student of the month award. They have an unmatched enthusiasm for their job and the company they work for. They even go above and beyond to help you learn to save money by buying a Tesla.

Thanks to Tesla and its innovations you can save time, and money. You get to pull into a charging station and within an hour an empty fuel cell is full and you haven’t spent a dime, except maybe on dinner while waiting for your car to charge. At home you can charge your cells enough to go about 350 miles for around $11 worth of power.

With the fluctuations in gas prices you never know how much your fill up will be with a gasoline powered car, but if you were able to get an energy plan that gives you free nights and weekends you could drive for simply the cost of insurance and maintenance. Yet another reason to get one of these amazing cars.

If you enjoy having one of a kind possessions and want to save time and money, you should consider getting a Tesla. Not only are they one of the safest cars on the road, they are also one of the most economical too.

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