Any Investor Can Start Investing With These Five Investment Apps


Over the past decade, a number of investment apps have been launched for beginning investors. The investment apps have been designed to help users start investing with confidence. Investing now gives your money time to grow before it is needed for expenses or retirement. Here are five great investment apps to use when you are just getting started.


Betterment allows you to choose one of five general investment goals and enter your age to generate a fully diversified investment portfolio out of 12 global asset classes. The money is invested in a combination of stocks and bonds and has no minimum investment. The app is designed to make it easy for you to make small, monthly investments via direct deposit. The Betterment app is available on iOS and Android.


Loyal3 allows you to invest as little as $10 in a wide range of popular stocks. There is no fee for purchasing a stock or cashing out your earnings. New stocks are added all the time and many of the stocks earn dividends that boost the balance of your account. You can also invest in I.P.O.s for as little as $250.


Acorns rounds up transactions from a linked credit or debit card to the nearest dollar and invests that change automatically in six different funds based on your risk tolerance. This turnkey approach to investing allows beginning investors to take tiny amounts of money from everyday purchases and invest in their future. The Acorns app charges $1 a month for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25 percent of your annual assets for accounts over $5,000.


Robinhood is another one of the great investment apps for beginners. The app offers $0 trading and makes money by accruing interest off customers’ noninvested cash balances. Investing through the app is designed to be very simple and investing advice can be found on the app if it is wanted.


Wealthfront offers online investment accounts that are fully automated, fully diversified and periodically rebalanced. Investors enter their age, annual income and cash/liquid assets and the app does the rest. The company behind the app is currently managing more than $1.5 billion in assets from investors of all income levels. Wealthfront can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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