4 Easy Ways To Make Money Online


The internet has provided people with many great ways to make money outside of normal employment channels. Some people choose to make money online to supplement their income, while some others choose to make working online their primary source of income. Some of the benefits of learning to make money online include being able to work when you choose and being able to alter your earning ability according to need. Here are some easy ways to make money online and boost your income.

Online Survey Sites

While it is difficult to make a lot of money quickly using survey sites, they are a good way to supplement your income by around $100 per month for a few minutes of work several times a week. Survey sites such as Opinion Outpost, SurveySavvy, Pinecone Research, and SurveySpot give users points for completing surveys on everything from grocery products to television shows. Users can then redeem these points for cash through PayPal or a gift card to a popular retailer.

Website Testing Opportunities

Another interesting way to make money online is to get paid to test websites for companies. Many businesses pay people to test the functionality and user friendliness of their website and the tasks are very easy to do. Simply sign up to become a website tester through a platform like Usertesting, StartUpLift, or TryMYUI and when there is a new site to be tested, you will be notified. You get paid for visiting the site and completing a questionaire about your experience. Usertesting pays a flat rate of $10 for every site review you complete.

Become An Online Juror

There are websites that conduct mock trials on behalf of their clients, which are mostly lawyers, so that they can see how their case is going to go in the real trial. Online jurors weigh the information and arguments, then return their verdict to the client through the website’s response platform. Knowing this information in advance helps legal professionals make decisions on the best way to proceed with a case and may even cause them to modify their tactics. Sites where you can sign up to become an online juror include eJury, OnlineVerdict.com, and Trial Juries.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a very strong opportunity for making money, with some of the nation’s top bloggers earning seven figures annually. There are platforms dedicated solely to blogging, like WordPress, which make it easier than ever to start a money-making blog in no time. Your blog can be about anything, but if you want to attract eyes, it must be something that is interesting to others as well. You can start blogging for free using sites like WordPress.com, Blogger.com, and Tumblr to build a site quickly at no cost.

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