Creative Ideas To Save Cash Now


If saving cash is on your mind, there are a bunch of creative ideas available that can help you save more money throughout your daily activities. Creative ideas that can help you save cash now could result in hundreds of dollars of savings over the course of a year. Many of these ideas will only take a few minutes of time to implement.

Sign up for deal sites. Deal sites have deals on everything from haircuts to live entertainment. Search for deals before making plans for the weekend. You may be able to enjoy a new experience at half the price you would regularly pay.

Get your hair done at a local beauty school. Making an appointment with a student in training for basic services gives them the practice they need to be successful while saving you a bundle. You can also get significant discounts on more complex services from some of the more senior students, such as chemical treatments, coloring, and specialty haircuts.

Shorten your showers. Minimizing your time under the running water of the shower reduces the amount of water used and the amount of energy used heating the water. The water doesn’t have to be cold, but reducing the temperature to lukewarm can save you a lot of money in energy costs.

Make your own spa treatments at home. You can easily make face masks, body scrubs, and hair masks with ingredients found around the house or at your local grocery store for a fraction of the cost you would pay at your local spa. Online tutorials can guide you through the steps of your initial trials at making your own spa treatments.

Take advantage of corporate discounts. Many large companies offer perks to their employees, like discounts on gym memberships, ball game tickets, cell-phone data plans, hotel fares, and concerts. Check with the company’s human resources department to see if there are any discounts you may be eligible for.

Trade the gym for online fitness classes. Gym memberships are expensive and you must go frequently to get your money’s worth. Fitness classes very similar to what you would find in a gym can be found for free or for a small fee online. YogaToday, Daily Burn, and GaiamTV all offer fitness classes for streaming at home.

Cut the cord. Canceling your cable tv service can save you $500 a year or more, depending on your cable package. Instead, you can opt for a high speed internet package (about $50 per month) and pair it with Hulu Plus ($8 per month), Netflix ($8 per month), or Amazon Prime Video ($99 per year, with additional perks).

Use free events for entertainment. Check the local newspaper, town website, or library boards for free or cheap events that are happening around your town. You may discover new bands, learn about museums you never knew existed, or take classes in subjects you have been interested in.

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  1. Excellent suggestions! Although I found I was too tempted by the deal sites, all those sweet discounts coming straight to my inbox was too tempting. I still use them but when I’m planning a day out or a trip I subscribe for a week or two to hunt out the deals and then unsubscribe as soon as I’ve made a purchase!

    1. Kristin Burgess

      Great idea! Sometimes it’s like either you feel compelled to buy everything they send you offers for, or you are so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails it’s impossible to wade through them.

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