5 Ways to Make Money While Unemployed


dollar-1362243_1280I’ve been unemployed a couple of times in my life. The one thing that didn’t stop during this period were the bills. They continued to come whether I had a job or not. I was able to find different ways to make money even though I was employed. Some of those ideas were successes, while others were not. Today, I want to share some of them with you.

Noni Juice

I sold noni juice during the summer after my freshman year in college. I didn’t make much money by doing that, but I knew others that were making a killing. It just depended on your network and if you had the gift of gab. The noni juice sold for over $30 a bottle. You could make money two ways with this company. The first way is by selling lots of bottles. The other way was by getting people to sign up as independent distributors up under you. As stated earlier, I only made a tiny amount.


I made a good amount of money selling mixtapes in college. Itunes was nonexistent back then. Getting music wasn’t as accessible back then as it is now. I had a computer and an external cd burner. I also knew where to find the latest music. There were times where I made $80 – $100 per day. You can still make money while you’re unemployed by creating mixtapes. You just have to have a good price and consistent customers.


I sold candy in high school and my freshman year in college. It was easy money. Someone always had a sweet tooth. I sold several types of candy such as Snickers, Chews, and Reese’s. Another way that you can make money by selling candy is with vending machines. You can get the machines put into businesses and just watch the money come to you.


Another way that you can make money while you’re unemployed is to design t-shirts. I’ve done this a few times. In 2009 I created a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt specifically for Savannah, Ga which was the city that I was living in at the time. Savannah has one of the biggest St. Patty’s day celebrations in the country. People from all over the country come to Savannah to party and drink green beer.

That 2009 St. Patrick’s Day weekend I tripled the money that I invested into making the shirts. That was an eye opener. It showed me that there was an opportunity to make money with t-shirts. Over the years, I’ve had some hits and misses with designs, but I still create shirts every once in a while.  I use websites like Teespring. It’s free to set up and sell shirts on the site.

Old shoes

Selling old shoes is something that I’ve been doing a lot lately. You can make some money depending on what the shoe is. One example of a shoe that sells are Nike Air Max. There is a huge market for them.  You just have to find them and clean them up a little bit. Once you do that, you should be able to make a decent profit from them.

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