How to Get Around Without a Car


tram-711792_1280Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t have a car. Some people don’t know how to drive. Some don’t like to drive, while others get anxious when they get behind the wheel. In many cities, there are ways to get around whether you have a car or not. Today, I will be going over a few of those ways.

Public Transit

The first and easiest way to get around without a car is to use public transportation. The public transportation options vary from city to city. In the major cities, you may have the possibility to ride the bus, the train, or even the trolley. In cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C., there isn’t a reason to have a car unless you just want to have one. The public transportation in those areas is pretty efficient. It is very affordable, and the schedules are very good. In those cities, public transit will often get you to your destination faster than driving would.


The second option that you have to get around without a car is to carpool with someone. Carpooling is when several people use one car to get to their destination. Carpooling reduces fuel costs and traffic congestion. In the past, I’ve seen coworkers carpool together. Many cities have websites where you can sign up to be a carpool driver. You can also sign up to be a passenger on those sites as well.


The third way that you can get around without a car is to ride a bike. Many cities are becoming more bike-friendly. They are adding bike lanes to the streets and bike racks to different areas of the city. For example, Atlanta went from having nothing bike related to having lanes and rental stations all over the downtown area. That transportation happened in less than three years. I’m glad to see many cities making it safer for the bike riders. Another good thing with riding a bike is that it helps you to stay in shape.


Using a taxi or an Uber is the next way to get around without cars. Taxis used to be the only way to get you somewhere, but now you have multiple options. Companies like Uber have made it more affordable to use rides share services. I’m not going to lie, I love Uber! I’ve been a customer of theirs for nearly two years. When I’m out of town, I use Uber if I don’t use the public transportation. Uber’s prices are very affordable. They are much better than taxi cabs. If you have any questions about Uber, check out this review that I wrote on the company a few months ago.


The final way to get around without a car is to walk. You can’t walk to every destination, but for the short trips, you should do it. Walking can help to keep you fit. There is nothing like walking and enjoying the fresh air from time to time.

What are some ways that you have gotten around without a car?

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