Surprising Things That Sell on eBay


walkman-29575_1280As you know by now, I love eBay. I’ve been selling items on the site for years now. I’ve sold everything from coffee mugs to shoes, to t-shirts. I’d like to think that those are “regular” items. All types of things can sell, though. Today, I want to go over a few surprising things that sell on eBay.

Empty Toilet Tissue Rolls

The first thing on the list is empty toilet tissue rolls. You might be wondering why anyone would want to buy some empty toilet tissue rolls. It’s a pretty simple answer.  A lot of people including teachers use them for arts and crafts projects. A quick eBay search showed that someone paid $30 for 158 empty rolls. There seems to be a decent market for them.

Broken Phones

Broken Phones are the next item on this list. People purchase broken phones for a few reasons. They either try to fix them, or they use phones for their parts. There is a group of broken Samsung and Verizon phones that recently sold for $10,000. That’s amazing. I need to find some broken phones as soon as possible.


Never in a million years would I have thought that coupons would sell on eBay. They sell very well. There are all types of coupons and discount codes for sell on eBay. An $848 United Airlines travel voucher sold for $750. That’s a pretty good come up.


VCR’s is another product that sells pretty good on eBay. I guess it’s for nostalgia purposes or something. I’m really not sure, but there are VCR’s selling for hundreds of bucks. Certain brands sell more than others. Two weeks ago a Sony Betamax VCR sold for $800. If you have one in good condition, you might need to list it.

Portable Sony Walkman CD player

The next item on the list is the portable Sony Walkman CD player. I used to love these portable CD players as a kid. You could bring your music with you wherever you went. They were groundbreakers back in the day. Apparently, people still love them. One of those Walkman’s sold for over $500 a few weeks ago. If I had my old one, I’d list it today.

Empty Cologne Bottles

The final item on the list is empty cologne bottles. This is another one that stumps me. I’m not sure what anyone would use them for. An empty bottle of Green Irish Tweed by Creed sold for $50. I really can’t believe that an empty bottle of cologne sold for anything. I’m about to start saving all my empty cologne bottles. Hopefully, I can make $50 or more.

In summary, the surprising things that sell on eBay are empty tissue rolls, broken phones, coupons, VCR’s, portable Sony Walkman CD players and empty cologne bottles. If you have any of these items, you should list them. You’d probably make a little bit of extra money if you did that.

Are you surprised to see any of these things selling on eBay? What’s the most surprising thing that you’ve seen somebody sell?


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