5 Used Car Shopping Tips


cars-1578513_1920Used car shopping can be interesting, to say the least. Sometimes it’s easy to find a deal, while other times it’s not. All of my cars have been used vehicles. Some folks are worried when it comes to used car shopping. You can get a great car if you know what you’re doing. Today, I will be going over five things you should know and do when looking for a used car.

What car do you want?

The first tip is to figure out the type of car that you want. This is key when making your decision. You can’t just up and say that you want any type of used car. There are thousands of used cards out there. You have to get detailed with your option. You need to decide the make and model of the car that you want. After that, figure out the year. If you want a bigger selection, choose a few years. For example, if you’re looking to buy a 2014 Chevy Malibu, keep the 2012 & 2013 models in mind just in case. You may be able to find one with less mileage.


The next thing to do is to figure out how much you want to pay for the car. Since you’re looking for a used car, you want to make sure that you’re not going to pay full price for it. You should check the Kelly Blue Book price. Kelly Blue Book is a company that values used vehicles. It is the only guide that is trusted by the consumer’s ad the auto industry, Kelly Blue Book has pricing for every type of car out there. Once you figure out the amount that you’re willing to pay, we can move on to the next tip.

Seller options

The next thing that you should do is figure out how you want to buy the car. There are different options out there. You could go to a regular dealership and see what used cars they have for sale. You can also go specifically to a used car dealership. Another option is to check a site like CarMax and see if they have what you are looking for. The final option is checking with a private seller. They can be found online or at car auctions. I’ve heard that you can get the best deals from private sellers. I plan on getting my next vehicle from one of those sellers.

Payment options

You figured out how much you want to spend on your used car, but now you’re trying to decide how you want to pay. You can use cash, a cashier’s check or a car loan. I used car loans for my first two cars. I financed one through the used car dealership. The other one was through my credit union. Depending on how your credit is, you will probably have the same options.


Before you settle on a used car, have a mechanic look over it. They are trained to find problems that you may overlook. My mechanic will be with me when I buy my next car. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Some sellers aren’t honest. They will try to get over on you and sell you a lemon.

Have you ever purchased a used car?

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