Generating Income By Helping Others Advertise


moneyGood morning. In the past, I’ve discussed several different ways that people can make extra income. Some of the ideas that I’ve talked about were doing things such as selling items on eBay or washing cars, Today; I have another way for you to make extra money. That way is to help people with their advertising. This can be done as a side hustle whether you’re employed or not.

First things first, are you good with graphics? Do you like to create art on the computer? If so, you can help local business owners to expand their advertising for a fraction of the cost of using a big company. Even if you aren’t that good with creating graphics, you can learn how. My photoshop skills are horrible, but there are websites like Canva and Picmonkey that help people create better graphics.  I’ve used both sites to create images before.

Everyone has received a flyer at one time or another whether if it was in their mailbox or if someone gave them one. I know you’ve also received many business cards over the years. Somebody created the design for them. If you have design skills, then you could offer your services to those who are looking for that type of work done at an affordable price.

How do you get started?

This is an opportunity that you can take advantage of right in your home. All you need is a computer with adequate software on it. You may or may not need a printer. Many people just want the computer file of their design. They can print it somewhere else.

The initial investment for such a venture will depend on what types of advertising you will specialize in. If you get into doing logos or business cards for companies, letterhead or flyers, then you may need to get a scanner to upload the client’s information to your system. Scanners don’t usually cost that much. You can find one at stores like Office Depot, Staples, and Walmart.

Do some advertising of your own. Create a brochure that lists your product offerings and your prices along with your contact information. You can place them in the mailboxes that are in your neighborhood. You can also pass them out at local businesses such as the Mom & Pops stores. You can also give them to family and friends to pass around. You can also create a free website that has pictures of your work. You can promote that link on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also include that link in your e-mail signature.

Create a portfolio of your designs to show prospective clients. Provide several sample flyers, business cards, restaurant menus, etc. Some local restaurants may be looking for someone to update the look of their menus from time to time. How come you can’t be that guy or girl? I’m pretty sure your prices will be a little lower than what they are already paying for someone else to do it.

Setting your rates is vital. If you decide to print the items yourself, your clients will want to purchase things in bulk. You will need to consider how much it will cost you to print a set of 100, 150, or more flyers. You also need to factor the cost of paper, printer ink and the wear and tear on your equipment.

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