Getting Over a Side Hustle Flop


man-390340_1920I’ve talked about multiple side hustles on this site before. I think that everyone should have one whether they have a job or not. Multiple streams of income will help you out in the long run. Today, I want to discuss something a little different. I want to discuss how to get over a side hustle that flops. It happens to us all. You attempt to make some money off a side hustle, but it doesn’t work.

One of the side hustles that I like doing is selling t-shirts. I’ve had success and failures doing this side hustle. Every design has not been a hit. I created a couple of designs that I thought would do good, but they bombed. I posted pictures of the shirts on my Facebook account and figured that they would do well. Friends liked the pictures and even said how nice they looked, so I thought the sales would flow in once I list the finished product. I printed some shirts and started to promote them online. Guess how many shirts sold? Zero shirts sold. I wondered where all the people went who liked them before. They were nowhere to be found. I can’t lie; I was hurt. I also took some money losses on both of those designs. I still have a box of shirts that I never sold in my apartment. Something like that will throw anyone off their game. Did I stop designing shirts? Nope, I found other ways to design them where I wouldn’t lose any money. It took a little while, but I have sold some designs since I started doing that.

If you have a side hustle that flopped, there are a few things that you need to do.

Keep going

If your side hustle involves you selling something to someone, keep going! You could be on the verge of making some huge money. The right person may not have seen your product or hustle yet. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

Change it up

For some of my shirts to sell, I had to go back and change them up a little bit. Some of the designs needed better fonts or designs. Some needed different colors. Some of the artwork needed to be touched up a little bit. If you have a product that you are selling as a side hustle, change it up a little bit.

Try something else

If your side hustle flopped, you could always try something else. Just because you didn’t make any money off that one doesn’t mean that you won’t make money off of your next side hustle. Selling on Amazon, selling on eBay, completing surveys, finding gigs on Craigslist, babysitting, computer repair, yard work, washing cars, doing design work, and creating websites are just a few side hustles that you can do.

Every side hustle won’t bring in a lot of money. Some won’t make you any money. Don’t let that get you down. Keep grinding. One of those side hustles will work!

Have any of your side hustles flopped?


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  1. I have had a bunch of side hustle flops over the years. Your advice to never give up is spot on! I have also quit and refocused efforts in other areas and seen some very nice success. As long as you continue to push forward with something, you will eventually find a good fit!

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