How Much Do Day Traders Make?


Here is a scenario: I am aimless in my career, with a dead-end job that is going nowhere. I want more. Then a question pops into my head: How much do day traders make? The answer to said question will determine how much time I will dedicate to pursuing day trading education and how soon I should start.

The short answer is: it varies. Some day traders make a lot, some day traders make a little. Much of that discrepancy depends on the skill of the traders, how much markets are moving and how quickly those moves can be taken advantage of.

How Much Do Traders Make?

Here is the story of one successful trader in the summer of 2016. He makes some really excellent moves and booked just over $94,000 in profits. How? He had the benefit of learning from Warrior Trading. It is one of the premier momentum trading education sites on the web, with courses, chat rooms and all sorts of strategies to get nascent day traders into the markets and in the black safely and quickly.

The instructors at Warrior Trading stress the idea of practice. Put your time in in a trading simulator before risking real money in the stock market. You need to put their strategies into practice before venturing out in the shark-filled waters of daily investing. It takes time and effort to understand how the markets move during a single day and how to take advantage of those movements.

And it takes time to learn the art and science of risk management. That is one of the keys to being a successful day traders. Before you research the question, “How much do day traders make,” and get visions of massive profits piling up in your bank account, you need to understand how to mitigate risk when you are in the market.

Every trade you make carries some amount of risk. Every. Single. One. And in day trading, you have to make quick decisions in order to jump on movement or take a step back and push away that risk. One quick and easy rule to follow: if you cannot double your risk in profit, do not make that trade. Just walk away.

Some of you may be skeptical. That is understandable. Head on over to and take a look at the verified broker statements on that page. They prove how much traders make.

Here is the question: How much do you want to make? Put the time into learn day trading strategies and the sky could be the limit.

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