More Surprising Things That Sell Well on eBay


ebay-881309_1920What’s going on everyone? The holiday season is upon us. Hopefully, you have enough money to buy everything that you want and more. If not, it’s time to start side hustling. A few months ago I wrote a post about surprising things that sell well on eBay. Today, I share with you more surprising things that sell well. People make a lot of money off eBay. People will buy all types of items. Below are five more items that sell well on eBay.

Egg Cartons

Empty egg cartons are the first item on the list. I will be the first to say that I’m a little shocked that they sell well. I guess arts and crafts teachers buy them. Empty egg cartons sell on eBay for pretty good prices. Many people sell them by the bulk to get the best price. A group of 350 cartons recently sold for $155. If I had that many egg cartons, I’d list them right now.

Empty Ink Cartridges

The second surprising thing that sells well on eBay is empty ink cartridges. People can recycle those cartridges. They can go for big money. This item is also sold in large groups or lots as well. One lot of 5000 empty HP ink cartridges sold for $5000. That’s a great price for something that is already used. Another set of three sold for $410. It’s a little weird that people will pay that much for empty cartridges, but it’s not my money. I need to find some and list them myself. Looking at some of the recent sales, I see that HP and Canon are some of the brands that sell the most.

Mason Jars

I know you’ve seen them before. You might have a few of them in your house. The third item to sell is mason jars. Mason jars are one of those things that can have multi-uses. A vintage olive screen major jar recently sold for $360. I don’t know about you, but I’m about to start looking for some of them.

Vintage Maxi Pads

The next item on the list is the most surprising thing that I’ve ever seen sold. It is vintage maxi pads. I haven’t run across any of these yet and honestly, I’m not sure I’d purchase them if I saw them. I read that the reason that the vintage maxi pads sell is that people use them as props in movies. So it seems that there is a good market for them out there. An unopened package of “Always” that were produced in 1982 sold for $140. I’m shocked that people are actually buying these

Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo

The final item on the list is Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo. It is selling that much because it’s the old formula. Bottles are selling for $200. The reason that they sell for so much is that this product is not being manufactured anymore.

In summary, the surprising things that sell well on eBay are empty egg cartons, empty ink cartridges, mason jars, vintage maxi pads, and Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to look for some of the items to sell this weekend.

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  1. I remember when eBay first became a big thing in the late 90’s. I assumed that it would be popular but would eventually fade as people ran out of stuff to sell. I really didn’t have a good handle on consumerism back then LOL

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