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Reduce Your Medical Costs With These Techniques

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The cost of medical care has skyrocketed in the past few decades, with even simple procedures costing thousands of dollars. The incomes of most people have not risen nearly as fast as the cost of medical care and insurance typically only pays a percentage of the costs, so many people are financially devastated when an illness or injury occurs that requires multiple treatments and a long hospital stay. One recent study found that medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that you can use to reduce your medical costs by a significant amount. Here are some techniques you can try.

Do A Cost Comparison Before Choosing A Facility

Many people are astonished to see the total amount of their medical bills because they have no idea how much the services cost before they go in for a procedure. The price of a certain procedure can vary widely between facilities, with each hospital and medical center setting their own prices for the procedures that they perform. For example, patients seeking knee surgery in Dallas can choose to go to the Baylor University Medical Center, which charges $43,852 for the procedure, or to the nearby Dallas Regional Medical Center, which charges $142,064 for the same procedure. If you know that you need to have a specific procedure done, search free hospital price transparency tools online or contact several medical facilities in your area to ask for an estimate to see which provider is offering the best price.

Negotiate For A Lower Cost

Some hospitals allow their medical billing offices to negotiate with the people that have received services over their bills, providing a way for you to lower your cost for care. When negotiating, keep in mind the amount that you can afford to pay for the procedure and recovery services. You should also inquire whether you could make monthly payments on the amount due. If an agreement is reached, make sure that you get the details of the agreement in writing so there is no confusion at a later date over the terms that were agreed to. Once you agree to this type of deal, you will be responsible for making your payments in a timely manner. While it may take some time and effort, negotiating with the medical facility over the cost of your care can save you a significant amount of money.


Great Ways To Make Some Quick Cash

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When you are unemployed, one of the most pressing problems that you face is your cash flow. Not having enough money for the things that you need or that you are accustomed to can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, affecting multiple areas of your life as well as your interactions with others. Fortunately, there are a number of methods you can use to make some money to take care of your immediate needs. Here are some of the best ways to make some quick cash.

Sell Items You Do Not Need

If you are looking to make some money quickly, sell some of the items that you have around the house that you do not need anymore. Most of us have things around the home that we purchased in the past because we liked the way it looked or what it did, not necessarily because we needed it. The trick is to find things you own that are worth more than a few dollars. There is a market for nearly any used item, from home appliances to clothing to books and movies. You can sell the items yourself online at sites like eBay and Craigslist or take the items to a local store that specializes in reselling used items.

Offer Your Services

When facing an immediate cash crunch, offering your skills and services to the people that you know could net you a substantial amount of money. Offer to babysit children or make home repairs for friends that you know could use the help. Advertise your services in your neighborhood and network with the people you encounter during your daily life so the word will spread. Even if the jobs you are doing are not something you would want to do for a career, it is better to do these things and earn money than do nothing and have nothing.

Donate Blood And Plasma

There is always a need for blood and plasma at hospitals across the nation and many donation centers are willing to pay your for your time if you elect to donate. Using this method, you can make a few bucks while helping to save someone’s life, making it a win-win situation. The amount that you will be paid depends on what you are willing to donate and where you are planning to donate. Review different donation centers online before making your decision so you can see what their policies are before you arrive.


Are You Paying Too Much For These Monthly Services?

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Most of us have a number of monthly services that we pay for each month that provide the objects and services we desire. These monthly expenses often require us to pay what adds up to a significant amount of money over the course of a year. This makes it important for us to get the best value for the money that we are spending. Here are some tips that can help you lower the amount that you pay each month for some of the most common monthly services.

Magazine Subscriptions

Hundreds of thousands of people have their favorite magazines delivered to their homes each month, paying hundreds of dollars each year in subscription fees. Many of these magazines go unread and are tossed in the trash when they begin to pile up in the home, eventually ending up slowly decaying in a landfill. To save money on these subscriptions, consider reading these magazines online. A subscription to an online magazine or newspaper is often cheaper than having a physical copy sent to your home and you can read the articles that you want without having to deal with the paper waste later.

Credit Monitoring

While it is important for you to keep an eye on your credit score and credit report, many people are paying way too much to monitor their credit. Companies offering credit-monitoring services often charge a stiff monthly or annual fee for the ability to review the information held on you. Even worse, what they are showing you may be their own interpretation of your creditworthiness, not your actual FICO credit score. Instead of paying for these credit monitoring services, get one free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit-monitoring bureaus each year from By spacing them out throughout the year, you can get a good picture of your credit standing and estimate what your credit score would be.

Cable Television

Cable television is a good example of a company adding a whole bunch of unnecessary things to a package in order to charge you more for it. Many of the people that subscribe to cable television regularly watch less than 40 percent of the channels available to them, meaning they are paying for way more channels than they are actually using. Fortunately, there are a number of options that can provide you with the entertainment that you desire for far less. Subscriptions to streaming services like Hulu Plus or Netflix is less than half the price of a digital cable package and many cable channels offer their popular shows on their company websites for free.


Helpful Tips For Dealing With Unemployment

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Dealing with being unemployed is very stressful. Many people are finding themselves in this situation for the first time in their life as companies lay off thousands of workers to reduce production and trim their bottom lines. Because jobs are still scarce in many areas of the country, many people that unexpectedly find themselves unemployed are out of work for several months before they find a new job. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to manage your personal and financial situations until you can get back on your feet with a new employment opportunity. Here are some helpful tips that will help you deal with your period of unemployment.

Slash Your Expenses

It is imperative that you slash your expenses to the minimum as soon as you find yourself without a job. The shock will be easier to bear if you slash your expenses right away and you will not burn through your savings as quickly or run up credit card debt trying to maintain a lifestyle that you can no longer afford. Skip the stylist and shampoo your own hair. Stop eating out and purchase inexpensive meal ingredients at the grocery store. The changes are necessary for your financial security and you can always return to your former ways once you have secured a new job.

Embrace Part Time Jobs And Gigs

When you are broke and unemployed, nearly any legal means of making money is better than not having any money at all. Embracing part time jobs and gigs allows you to put more money in your pocket while still having time to pursue and apply for jobs in your field. People are always looking for others that can help watch their children, fix things around their home, or help with a home improvement project for a nominal charge. Many small businesses have been created because a person found a market for a task that others were willing to pay them to do.

Park The Car

Using a car for transportation is very expensive. Even if your car is paid off, you still must pay for gas, licensing, maintenance, and insurance for the vehicle to be able to drive it legally. If you live in an area with good public transportation, consider parking the car for a while until you can get back on your feet. As long as the vehicle is protected from the elements, you can always resume driving your vehicle once you are making more money.