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Hard to believe this site has been in existence for over a year now. Instead of celebrating this milestone with a boisterous “HOORAY”, it’s more of a wimpy “yay”. Readership continues to grow despite any regularity or consistency in the writings. Facebook fans are almost at 100 and the Twitter following hovers 400. Comments and...
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Those of us in our twenties have been called a lot of things by our elders, but never have we been referred to as “Generation Earn”. Kimberly Palmer, senior editor at US News & World Report and author of the Alpha Consumer column, decided she was fed up with the negative labels associated with young...
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Remember when Cliff Notes were the lifeline to all those classics you had to read in school? It was a novel idea – taking complex topics, like literature, and breaking it down into quick and easy to understand guides. Then emerged the “Dummies” series whose tagline is “Making Everything Easier” and covered how-to guides from...
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At my age, it doesn’t make sense to pursue a full-time advisor. First off, asset management tends to be for those with substantial holdings, and secondly, I’m pretty “healthy” financially as is. If you think about it in relation to doctor visits, it will make a lot of sense. When you’re young, you don’t go...
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