crazy ways to save money
Every so often I get a little weary of hearing the same old advice for saving money. So I’ve been wondering what, if any, innovative¬†money saving solutions others have been implementing to save money in the long or short term. I’m not sure whether I’m brave or committed enough to give any of these methods...
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Aiming to save more money is a New Year’s resolution that many people make, and break, each year. Saving money takes effort and it is hard to remain committed to the cause with all of the temptations to spend money around us. Fortunately, there are many different approaches you can take to try and save...
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extreme saving money, saving money, crazy ways to save
Saving money is an important part of financial management, but it is often the most difficult part to accomplish. Without savings, it becomes very difficult to handle unexpected financial issues and people have ended up with significant amounts of debt due to not having savings on hand for a financial emergency. To increase their savings,...
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