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Forget 2011, Go Back to 2010

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4601087792 eea833e8d3 z Forget 2011, Go Back to 2010A time to look forward, New Years gives us the opportunity to better ourselves. We set resolutions raising the bar where we’ve fallen short before. As we focus on our new goals, the old year is soon forgotten along with all that happened in the past.

Being a nut about advanced planning, we make a lot of headway financially in the month of January. Our portfolios are rebalanced, insurances are reviewed and updated, and our Roth IRAs are fully-funded (read why I’m a fan of “front-loading”) for 2011. Okay so what about the remaining 300+ days?

Being well-prepared not only keeps you ahead of the game, it also allows for more reflection. Knowing what you did well gives a strong sense of satisfaction and knowing what you did wrong helps you improve going forward.

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Perils of Automation: One Personal Disaster

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2444465203 8537a41d60 300x294 Perils of Automation: One Personal DisasterIf you’ve already read about my sudden disappearance, then you’d know I’ve been out-of-pocket for a while now with personal matters. Well, I’ve got an interesting story to share which occurred during this transitory time.

All the way from the professional guru to the amateur blogger, anyone in personal finance has, at one point or another, touted the benefits of automation. Automatically diverting all of your money to whatever your financial cocktail includes – savings, college, paying bills, investments, mortgages, and so on.

And who could disagree! For those who have trouble saving, it forces them to adjust their spending to whatever’s leftover. For those looking to dollar-cost average their investments, it periodically purchases your holdings at pre-determined intervals, in pre-determined amounts. And what about those crazy late fees! Everybody hates paying those, and with automation you can eliminate them entirely by paying every bill on time.

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Yakezie Carnival

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Something must be going on with my contact form, because I received an odd amount of duplicate, triplicate, and fourteen-icate submissions from a few folks while others only had one… Where those who submitted more than once getting bounce-back messages or anything like that?

We got a few last minute submissions, but now we’ve also got a few extra articles to read. Since I’m hosting this quick little Yakezie Carnival, can’t help put plug my own work!

Enjoy the Carnival!

Interview with Saly Glassman author of It’s About More Than Money (giving you part II, but don’t forget to part with part I)!

If you’re in it to win it and Make Money Blogging Money Help for Christians offers us a 7,500+ guide for beginners on how to make money blogging.

Money Crush gives us 31 Days to a Better Bank Balance. Better wait for October unless you can do 2 a day now!

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Fraud Prevention in Under 5 Minutes

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2991457976 4b9e078c0e 199x300 Fraud Prevention in Under 5 MinutesHow much time are you willing to spend to prevent fraud? Would you spare 5 minutes?

That’s all it takes to complete the OptOutPrescreen form.

And the best part, you have two options: 5 years or forever.

After launching the program, many people were confused considering it to be fraud. Rightly so, the program is hosted through the big credit reporting agencies. If it looks like a phish, and smells like a phish, then it must be a phishing scam – right?

The FTC now provides an information page to dispel these myths.

So, how does the program add another layer of protection to your identity?

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