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According to a report posted on the FICO blog, the national average FICO score has reached its highest level of the past decade. This means that people are getting better at managing their finances and limiting damage to their credit score. If your credit score is lower than you’d like it to be, there are...
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Have you been trying to increase your credit score? If so, good for you. A credit score that is considered to be in the excellent range can provide you with a number of benefits that are not available to those with credit scores in the poor to average range. Many people do not realize how...
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Every day, commercials warn us of the dangers of losing a good credit rating. We are told that our credit rating could be the most important number we have and that it should be monitored and protected at all costs. People typically do all that they can to keep their credit rating as high as...
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There are a lot of myths out there regarding credit that many people believe. While some of these credit myths are relatively harmless, barely affecting you at all, some others can harm your finances significantly if you are not careful. Believing the wrong credit myths can cost you money and wreck your credit score. You...
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