Making mistakes with your credit card can result in a variety of negative financial effects, some long term. Every year, credit card companies reap billions in fees from consumer’s mistakes with their credit cards. Instead of having to pay these additional costs and pad banker’s paychecks, avoid these mistakes and keep the money in your...
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Hi All, Inflation is one of those things that the media talks about, but its something that nobody really takes the time to spell out. Inflation means the purchasing power of your cash is eroded.  Let us say, theoretically this means that if you save $100 under the mattress and inflation is 3% per year...
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One holiday down, and another around the corner… Starting to feel more generous with your spending as you embrace the festivities? Whatever expectations you take with you into the festive season, take a moment to ponder what you’ll be taking back out with you on the other side. When January rolls around, will your lasting...
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Quite fittingly, the newest book I’ve started – Generation Earn – mentioned Digerati Life under the “Job Juggling” chapter for Gia’s accomplishment in turning her part-time hobby into a full-time gig. A well-known personal finance site that writes about smart money moves, Digerati Life’s offer to write a guest post was a much welcomed email....
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