Probably one of the more fun articles I’ve written, I was ecstatic when Budgeting in the Fun Stuff let me reprint this article.  The original link is included, so check out all the great comments!  I’d been on a string of career-type articles, being added to a few Wisebread listings courtesy of Linsey Knerl.  ENJOY…...
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Continued from Part I… FE: On to How to Be a Fierce Competitor, the book’s focus is on sales and marketing. However, I think there’s applicability beyond this field. If you think about it, we are all managers of ourselves, so we could apply the same principles if we wanted to become stronger employees. What’s...
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After reading his book How to Be a Fierce Competitor in one sitting, it seemed necessary to contact author Jeffrey Fox about doing an interview. Half-expecting not even an acknowledgment email, he surprised me with a quick, “I’d be delighted” response. While performing my due diligence, I learned more about Mr. Fox’s impressive (and extensive)...
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How much information can you pack into 140 pages? Better yet, how much will actually stick with you after reading? If we’re talking history books, I’m already lost – but if we’re talking That Thing Rich People Do, you’re in for a worthwhile read. Finishing over half the book in one sitting, there’s a lot...
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