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Around $5 trillion of Americans’ cash is currently held in money market accounts, representing almost half of all bank deposits in the U.S. These accounts are often offered alongside conventional savings accounts, leading many to question which one is better for parking their savings. The answer depends on several factors. Money market accounts are basically...
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The credit card industry has become increasingly competitive over the last decade, with many credit card companies now offering reward credit cards with lucrative perks to entice new customers into signing up with them. While the rewards for these credit cards are prominently advertised to potential customers, many of the other features of the credit...
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Buying a home may be the most expensive purchase that you make in your lifetime. The prices of homes are so high that few people are able to purchase the home that they want without securing some type of financing. To reduce the amount of money that you will ultimately pay to purchase your home,...
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Getting the best financial product for a borrower’s needs can help them improve their financial standing and solve many of their financial issues. There are many financial products available today from numerous banks and lenders, so it is important to review the features of each financial product to determine which one provides the borrower with...
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