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Retirement planning is difficult for many people because of all of the unknowns that go into the calculations. Estimating incomes, inflation, and retirement account earnings can give you a good picture of how much you need to save for a secure retirement, but you will still need a plan for how to achieve your retirement...
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If you are under 30 years old, there is a good chance that saving in your retirement plan is low on your list of financial priorities. People in this age group are generally spending most of their money establishing their household, paying off student loans, and raising young children. For many, this does not leave...
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Recent news reports have been full of dour news about the state of retirement savings in the United States. Many of these reports have focused on the news that many people have neglected saving for retirement at all, focusing their finances on immediate needs instead of planning for the future. Fortunately, there has recently been...
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Many people that are close to reaching retirement age are not nearly as prepared for retirement as they would like to be. After years of neglecting their retirement savings to provide their families with the things that they needed, they are now finding that they are far behind on where they would like to be...
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