Its tax time. Time to file your income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service and hopefully, get a refund back from the taxes you paid throughout the year. For some families, the tax refund is the biggest windfall payment that they will receive all year. Sadly, criminals know this and will go to great lengths...
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Hi All, Inflation is one of those things that the media talks about, but its something that nobody really takes the time to spell out. Inflation means the purchasing power of your cash is eroded.  Let us say, theoretically this means that if you save $100 under the mattress and inflation is 3% per year...
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Working with the Yakezie group, H&R Block has generously offered FREE copies of their At Home Premium Federal program to our readers. If you’re self-employed or own rental property, then this is the edition for you!  Not only do you receive live tax advice, but you also will get Schedule C and rental income guidance....
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Interruptions to blogging come in many forms, including travel. Bloggers may even agonize over being days away from their sites, experiencing what some would consider withdrawal. Scrap paper littered with post ideas sit unfinished and unwritten. Most excited about the “Career Buckets” post, my time just wasn’t well-managed. Tomorrow we head to Iceland. Of course,...
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