7 Things to Never, Ever Keep In Your Kitchen


It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is massive or not; it’s always best to have a kitchen layout that best serves your needs. The first way to accomplish this is to only have the things that truly belong in your kitchen.

Here, we have curated a list of some of the things that sometimes wind up in kitchens, but in reality, they should never have gotten there in the first place.


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Candles and diffusers are great for introducing fresh smells into your home. Yup, they are great when we install them in our bedrooms, living areas, or powder rooms, but just not in the kitchen. These smells rarely mix well with the aromas that come about from cooking, so really, it’s best to keep these things out of the kitchen.

Junk Drawers

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Is a house a home if it doesn’t have a junk drawer? Everyone’s home has one of these, but the placement is completely wrong if it’s in the kitchen. The kitchen is already quite a busy room, and it has enough going on. Junk drawers should perhaps go in a less busy room, such as an entryway or living room.

Bits and Bobs

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Keeping decor in a kitchen to the minimum is key if you don’t want to get too frazzled up every time you are going to cook. There’s nothing wrong with a few ornaments around the house, but keeping these decor bits in the kitchen may wind up as clutter. Kitchens are all about utilizing space properly, and when we add a whole bunch of decorations, it kind of defeats the whole point of keeping them fit for maximum utility.

Your Pet’s Crate or Bed

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Somehow, it just feels like the words ‘dog’ and ‘cooking space’ don’t belong in the same sentence. There are plenty of rooms in a home that can accommodate our animal children, but sadly, a kitchen is not one of them. Besides potentially getting in the way, it may also be somewhat unhygienic.


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A TV can be a great addition to a bedroom or a living room, but the kitchen is not the place for this device. Isn’t it just so much better to add music or a glass of wine to your cooking experience instead of a TV? Yeah, we thought so, too.

Expensive Rugs

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We all know that kitchens are high-traffic zones, and so it would be rather impractical to lay an expensive rug in this zone of the house. We don’t want to worry about potentially spilling something on an expensive rug while we are cooking away, so it’s best we keep these guys in a different room of the house, like the lounge or bedroom that has lower traffic.

Artificial Fruit or Plants

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If you can have real fruit or plants in your kitchen, then why not opt for that rather than fake ones? Most kitchens have some form of natural light, so really, there shouldn’t be any reason that you can’t keep real plants alive in there. And as for fruit- real fruit looks so much better than the fake kind, plus you’ll eat it up eventually and get some new fruit, meaning you’ll never get sick of your fruit display at any given time.

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