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Enough by John Bogle

“Enough” by John Bogle – Review & Introduction


Reading can be broken into 3 levels: skimming, reading, & absorbing. Each level represents an increasing amount of interaction. Ideally, the more thought that’s put into the process – the more you should get out of it in the end.

Although a short read at 250+ pages, John Bogle’s Enough fell under the last category as: each, individual word was read, breaks were taken between sections, and some were even re-read in an effort to fully grasp the concepts.

Following the book’s structure, this review will be segmented throughout the week with one, new post each day and the outline for the week below.

Monday, May 31st – Review & Introduction

Tuesday, June 1st – Money (Ch 1 – 3)

Wednesday, June 2nd – Business (Ch 4 – 7)

Thursday, June 3rd – Life (Ch 8 – 10)

Friday, June 4th – Wrapping Up: What’s Enough?

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Yakezie Weekly Round-up: Memorial Day Edition


Before we begin – make sure to check back here tomorrow for the “Week of Bogle”. Maybe the first of its kind, this will be a week-long book review. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

And now for the links… Happy reading & enjoy the holiday!

Here’s the highlights for your reading pleasure:

Wealth Pilgrim gives 7 Unique Ways to Put a Retiree to Work. No – it’s not what you think, this isn’t a tutorial on how to put retirees to work for you ;) Especially unique are the “with a twist” ideas. These are things you may already be doing, but for free!

Wealth Artisan explains an important concept that’s often overlooked – Dividend Payout Ratio. If you want to invest in dividend-paying stocks, then you need to know what this means.

Clarifinancial answers one of MY big questions – Why You Need Life Insurance Before Getting Married. He does a fabulous job writing about why you need it, and goes beyond the financial reasons. Definitely gave me something to think about for the rest of the evening.

Sustainable Life Blog [unfortunately] discusses How to Give Up Caffeine. I say unfortunately because I’ve been pushing myself physically all weekend, and needed a fresh brew to do this round-up!  Truthfully, I know I’ve got to cut back because I’ve been hitting #5 pretty hard.

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Money Hackers Network

Money Hackers Carnival #117: Wedding & Marriage Edition


If you write about personal finance, you’ve probably heard of Money Hackers. If not, I’d suggest joining the group – here. A collection of PF bloggers, the network promotes each other through a weekly carnival. Talk about strength in numbers, there were over 50 entries for this week alone!

Welcome to the Money Hackers Carnival #117: Wedding & Marriage Edition.

Comfortable with my current financial situation, I can tell you truthfully I’m nervous about all the ways things will change once married.

Should be look at cell phone family plans?
How much life insurance do we need?
What should we watch for with taxes?
Which accounts will we combine?

There’s this list followed by a few thousand more, so here’s a round-up of how to save money – either before, or after, the wedding. Enjoy!


  • Dink’s Finance hits the nail on the head with a big question – how does martial status affect your taxes? I’ll be making sure to forward the fiance this article. Speaking of name change, her new legal name will be triple alliteration.
  • On the horizon, we’ll be having kids but not without plenty of planning. The Sun’s Fiancial Dairy points out A New Child Means Lots of Expenses. Hence why the pre-planning is necessary, you want to anticipate (and prepare for) what you can.
  • An unconventional approach to gifting, Budgets Are Sexy explains the theory behind $100 here, $100 there, $100 everywhere! If only I had known earlier, maybe J Money would have been invited to the wedding.
  • Jeremy @ Credit Cards could not have been a more perfect (and entertaining) introduction. He explains how Background Check Alerts Me to Surprising Criminal History. Hmm – should I check out my fiance’s record? …or maybe even my own!

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Don’t Buy Your Next Car Before Checking Out These Sites


If you’ve been tracking Kita over at PF Journey, she’s asked her readers to help with her used car purchase and has been documenting the journey (ties nicely into the site name) along the way. Hopefully she’s been reading the material over at Car Negotiation Coach to help with tips & tricks.

My own car, the “Red Baron”, has been getting up in age – 10 years to be exact! So I’ve started the process of looking for replacement vehicles. There’s such a vast amount of information out there, you could spend hours filtering through sites. From everything I’ve seen so far, two in particular stand out.


Provides detailed trending information in a variety of formats. The basic report is a histogram of actual sales data for your area. The best feature has to be the seeing the price swings between the: sticker price, factory invoice, average paid, and dealer cost.

Understanding the true costs of a car purchase are critical to negotiating the best possible price. Referred to as the “Cash Flow Shell Game” (scroll to bottom of page), the site provides a graphic worth checking out explaining how dealer’s make their profits.

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