International Property Investment Hot Spots!


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If you’re thinking about investing in property your options are not limited to those in your home country, for those with the cash ready to invest and a clean credit profile in order to get an international mortgage you may find that you can achieve a higher return on investment by buying property abroad.

Savills recently conducted research into the international property markets and these were some of the countries that were found to be the best investments.

London, United Kingdom

Luxury property in London, United Kingdom is in demand from foreign investors right now, with areas in London such as Mayfair, Kensington and Chelsea been seen as a safe investment. If you don’t afford the premium property other areas have been marked as offering a good return on investment thanks to the increases in property values in the city. For example, Hounslow property is expected to see a 19.4% increase in values over the next 5 years and property in Camden is predicted to rise by 23.5%, now is the time to invest!  The average property value in London is £425,000 with that being more expensive in the city centre.

Moscow, Russia

Rental prices have been rising in Moscow for the last few years and with lots of luxury property available in the city centre and  the likes of Tverskaya it is a particularly attractive investment prospect. Buying property in Russia can be more complex than other countries so seeking appropriate advice before and during the transaction is imperative. The active property market in this area makes it easy if you ever need to make an exit on your investment.


Asia has several investment spots across the continent, Mumbai, Tokyo and of course Singapore. The particular are you should look out for are districts 9 and 10 where property is typically luxury, designer apartments. Brand new condos, with almost 1000 square feet of space can be purchased for 2,000,000 Singapore Dollars.

If you are purchasing property abroad you should proceed with a greater deal of caution than what you may do if investing in the US. Some of this advice you may be able to get for free, mortgage advice in particular is usually available from mortgage brokers for free, an example of such would be FirstMortgage in the UK. In addition you may need to seek advice from real estate agents and lawyers who specialise in the different legal processes for purchasing property in the country you are interested in, Savills for instance has offices worldwide and can help you find your ideal property worldwide.

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