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So you’ve been in an accident and you think it was someone else’s fault? Remember that you have legal options that you can pursue. Your injury will be costly, in terms of time off work, medical expenses, and extra travelling. You may be able to claim all this back and more! But first, you need to get in touch with a personal injury solicitor, such as Vincent’s.

Finding the Right One

A fast way to doom your case is to go with a lawyer who a) doesn’t specialise in your injury and b) doesn’t have a good track record. Always do your homework, before you look for a legal representative. Choose a variety of potential candidates and evaluate which one looks the best.

You can make a claim without a lawyer, but we wouldn’t recommend it. You’re far less likely to succeed. Plus, the hassle really isn’t worth it; especially when you’re trying to recover. Leave it in the hands of a professional.

If your lawyer doesn’t go out of his or her way to answer your questions and doesn’t treat you with respect, go elsewhere. Meet your solicitor in advance and check that it’s someone you could work with. You may be in this together for the long-haul.

Always Keep Records

It’s up to you to make thorough records of the medical expenses incurred by your injury. Keep all receipts and medical reports together. Anything remotely important, which is related to your case, should be carefully filed.

Where possible, gather evidence of negligent actions. For example, take a picture of the accident scene and take down the details of any witnesses.

After the accident, write down an account, while the facts are still clear in your mind. Keep a journal of how your injuries are affecting you on a day-to-day basis and whether this is financially, physically, or emotionally.

What to Do After the Accident

Don’t ever apologise, even if you feel you’re partly responsible. Immediately contact your GP or ring for emergency services, depending on how urgent your injury is. Getting medical attention is important, both for your health and for your case. Leave with a written diagnosis.

Don’t give an official, recorded account of events until you’ve spoken to your lawyer. Take it easy after the accident. Rest up. Many people experience worsening pain after their injury and it may be necessary for you to see a doctor again.

If you were in a road accident, always exchange details with the other driver and remain civil, even if you’re angry with their behaviour.

Once you’ve found your perfect personal injury lawyer, set up an agreed process of communication. Although you won’t be able to contact him or her 24/7, make sure that you can get in touch through email and over the phone. Tell your solicitor that you expect regular communication, within reason.

Remember that it’s down to you to escalate the compensation claim. Often, it’s possible to come to a settlement outside of court.

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