The Money Mistakes That Many Women Make


Everyone make money mistakes, but some mistakes are gender specific to women and some mistakes are specific to the things that men typically do. Professional women can be financially devastated by some of these mistakes, often done without realizing the danger they pose to the woman’s financial security. Here are some of the most financially damaging mistakes that women can make and how to avoid becoming a victim of them.

Not Participating In Financial Planning Or Financial Management

One mistake that many women make is neglecting to participate in financial planning or the financial management of the household. Some women prefer to let their spouse or partner take care of the financial tasks while they focus their attentions on other things. Unfortunately, women who take this path often have no idea that anything is wrong with the family’s finances until it is too late to correct the problem without drastically changing their lifestyle. At least once per month, they should sit down with their partner and discuss their current financial situation and financial plans for the future.

Signing Income Tax Returns Without Reading Them

Another issue that many women face is signing income tax returns without going over them carefully first. No one should ever put their signature on anything without reading over the paperwork completely so that they know what they are signing. If the tax forms are handed to you by your partner, go over them to double check that no mistakes have been made. If they are handed to you by a tax preparer, go over them carefully to ensure that you know what you are signing that you are in agreement with. Checking over the tax returns before they are filed can save you hundreds in IRS penalties and legal fees to correct the problem.

Not Taking A Long Lifespan Into Account When Planning

While there is no guarantee that you will live a long and healthy life, it is a fact that women typically live longer than men, generally 6 to 8 years longer. When planning for your future, it is important to take this longer lifespan into account. You do not want your money to run out when you need it the most for health care and living expenses. When budgeting and saving for your future, be sure to have a plan for what you will do if you are lucky enough to live past 85 years of age.

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