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Yes, there are many ways that you can make your money work for you, some more quickly than others, but should you wish to make big money in a short timeframe the only way that you are going to be able to do this without winning the lottery is by putting your money on the line and going all out.

As the title suggests these investment ideas are high risks, so **we do not suggest that you invest any money that you cannot afford to lose** into these suggestions.


If you’ve got an eye for a good horse or you can spot the defining stat for a football/hockey/soccer team then gambling may just be for you! There are several different strategies that can be used to go gambling, including the high volume, high stake, low odds approach that tends to work well unless the big favourites suffer a shock result and the less frequent, lower stake, higher odds method. The second of these is certainly the higher risk way to make money, but when it comes off its worth the blood, sweat and tears that it’s put you through.

Online Slots

The online cousin of the Las Vegas famous slot machines, these can make or break you! The best online slot around is any linked to the Mega Moolah Jackpot that pays out in the multi millions! A big payout is rare on these games so you may lose more than you put in, but should you hit the jackpot then you’ll be glad that you risked your cash to become a multi-millionaire. One online game which isn’t as hard on the wallet is online bingo, where you can play penny game bingo! So it costs 1p or 1 cent in order to enter the game! If you fancy a flutter try Butlers Bingo.

Day Trading

Day trading is similar to normal trading on the stock exchange, but all buying and selling occurs within the timeframe of the exchange being open. The most commonly day-traded instruments are stocks, options and currencies as well as a host of future markets such as interest rate futures and commodity futures. If you fancy learning more on this check out this course.

It is possible to make big money by spotting low priced instruments that are expected to rocket in value, purchasing them and then selling on for a big profit. However, just as it can be massive profitable to day trade, if you’re ill disciplined, have a poor system, not enough money or you’re bad with your money you could end up making massive losses and seeing yourself massively in debt. Is it worth the risk? If you know what you’re doing it certainly is!

Broadway or Hollywood

If you have the money to invest in a Broadway play or Hollywood movie then you could quite easily see yourself making a massive ROI on your investment. How many Broadway shows have gone on to make millions having massively long runs? There are plenty of these and some even get made into Hollywood films and if you’ve picked the right play then you’ll be rolling in the cash.

However, investing in plays and films is not without its risks and for every success story we have tens, if not hundreds, of vehicles that do not see the light of day. Even if they do get made there may be no money after covering costs to provide you a return on your investment. While it is risky, this is another strategy that can pay off big time or leave you wishing you’d keep your cash in your pockets. Or perhaps you want to invest by making an actual film yourself! Then check this out.

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