Improve Investment Results By Focusing On Trends


Investing will always have some risk associated with it, but learning how to spot trends in the markets will reduce that risk and improve your chances of making some money on your investments. Stock prices move up and down on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. A trend is the long-term direction in which a stock price is moving, either up or down. Being able to spot trends in the markets reduces the likelihood that you will choose to invest in stocks that are on a long-term downward trend, helping you considerably improve investment results.

Spotting Stock Trends Requires Research

You have to do your research to be able to spot trends in the market. Instead of looking at how the stock is currently performing, you need to look at how the stock has performed in the past and think about what factors may affect the stock price in the future. For example, if you see that a stock has historically done well when new markets are opened up to the company, then it stands to reason that the stock will do well in the future when barriers to opening in additional markets are lifted. Many companies stand to increase their profits now that relations are normalizing with Cuba and trade restrictions may be lifted. The goal is to buy in before the stock price begins to gain significant value.

Think Outside The Box

The most successful investors do not rely solely on stock price trends to determine which investments to dedicate money to. These investors think outside the box to find other trends that could have an impact on their investments. These trends could include plans a company has for a new product and service, economic trends in the countries the company operates in, and new government regulations that could affect a market. Any current news reports could result in changes for a company in the future. Stay up to date by reading several news publications covering the industries that you have invested in or are planning to invest in sometime in the future.

Improve Investment Results By Holding Long Term

When choosing stocks to invest in based on trends, you must take a long-term view on the stocks you are holding. It may take a considerable amount of time before all of the pieces are in place for the stock to experience significant growth, but when the growth does occur, the wait will be worth it. To reduce the chances of becoming antsy about the daily movement of the stock, review your portfolio monthly. That way, you will get an adequate picture of your holdings without worrying about how each stock is doing day to day.

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