Great Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well


Finding full-time work has been difficult for many Americans, especially if they have already been out of work for an extended period of time. Because of the scarcity of good paying full-time jobs, many people have resorted to taking part-time jobs to make ends meet. While most part-time jobs do not offer the pay and benefits accorded to full-time workers, there are some part-time jobs that pay fairly well. These jobs are good options for getting back on your feet after a job loss. Here are some great part-time jobs that pay well and offer flexible hours.

Office Professional

Part-time office professionals can make up to $30 per hour depending on their area of expertise. Finance, Administration, and Human Resources departments at small and mid-sized companies often use part-time office staff when there is not enough work available to justify hiring a full-time worker for 40 hours a week. One advantage of these types of part-time jobs is they can quickly result in a full-time position if the company expands and more work becomes available. During expansions, companies would often rather offer additional work to the employees already established at the company rather than hiring and training new employees.

Driver For A Rideshare Service

Did you know that you could make between $15 and $30 per hour as a driver for a rideshare service? If you have your own car that is in good shape, have a smartphone, and can pass a background check, you stand a good chance of being hired as a driver for a rideshare service as a part-time job. Those who are located in larger cities have a greater chance of obtaining a significant number of riders throughout the week, but they will also face greater competition for those riders than drivers located in less populated areas. Rideshare services are not available in all areas, so do your research and find out if you would qualify before banking on this plan.

Professional Babysitter

The childcare industry is quickly growing as more families have both parents working outside the home and trying to spend time alone together when they get the chance. A professional babysitter that has been screened by an agency can command between $13 and $18 per hour as a part-time job. For many of these agencies, when work becomes available in a particular area, the job is offered to registered babysitters in the general location if the customer has not designated a preference. To become a professional babysitter, you should be certified in CPR and first aid, be able to pass a background and drug screening, and have reliable transportation.

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