Highest Paying Trade School Careers


Highest Paying Trade School CareersA lot of people believe that going to college and getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is the only way to make significant amounts of money. It’s definitely not the only way. Going to a trade school is another option. There are some good career opportunities to be had by attending trade school. Today, I want to go over some of the highest paying trade school careers.

Civil Engineering Technician

They work on infrastructure projects like highways and bridges. They are the people who help plan and design them. The top paying civil engineering technicians can make over $75,000 per year.

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist examines patients teeth and gums for oral diseases. They also talk to their patient’s about properly taking care of their teeth. The top paying dental hygienist can make over $98,000.

Computer Programmer

Some computer programmers are able to begin their careers with training in software coding or mobile app development. Programmers can do multiple jobs such as web developer and software engineer. Top paying computer programmers can make over $130,000 per year.


Electrician’s main tasks are wiring buildings for electrical power, lighting or communications systems. Trade school and a short apprenticeship is typically enough to enter that trade. Top electricians can make over $88,000 per year. With as much growth that is happening in cities around the country, electricians are always needed.

Graphic Designer

If you’re a good graphic designer, you will always be in business. People will always need flyers or logos designed. Graphic designers can capture people’s attention through graphics. Top graphic designers can make over $81,000.

Respiratory Therapist

There are a lot of people with breathing problems. Respiratory Therapist provides professional care to those people. Job growth for this position is at 12 percent. Top respiratory therapists can male over $80,000 per year.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft mechanics primary jobs are to inspect, adjust, repair or overhaul airplane or helicopter engines. This is another position where there will always be jobs. Top paying aircraft merchants can make nearly $90,000.

Diesel Mechanic

The next highest paying trade school career is a diesel mechanic. They repair and inspect large vehicles that have diesel engines such as large trucks and buses. They can make up to $67,000 or more each year.

Network Systems Administrator

Network systems administrators make sure that companies data systems are up and running, If not they are the ones to fix them. They can make over $124,000 annually.

Commercial Pilot (Non-Airline)

I was a little surprised to see the commercial pilot on the list. I figured that you needed a Bachelor’s degree for that position. Commercial pilots fly charter planes, and they help with firefighting missions. Instead of going to get a bachelor’s degree, you can get a certification from the FAA. The top paying commercial pilots can make over $148,000 each year.

As you can see, trade school can lead to some huge returns. There are a lot of good careers out there. If you see one that interests you, take the time to research it. You could be getting paid the big bucks in a couple of years.


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