5 Things to do to Get Hired Quickly


hand-648448_1280Hello, everyone. I hope all is well. Getting a new job can be stressful at times. You could apply for months and not hear anything. That can be very depressing. Other people could apply for one job, have an interview and be hired within a month’s time frame. How do they do it? What are their secrets? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not sure of everything that they may do. There are multiple things that people have been known to do to get hired quicker. Today, I want to discuss five of these things.

Keep applying for jobs

A lot of people get discouraged when they don’t get a call back from jobs that they apply for in the beginning. Don’t let yourself get down. Finding a job is a numbers game. The more jobs that you apply for, the better your chances are of getting another job quickly. If you’re applying for five jobs a week, boost that number to fifteen. You will see better results.

Have a connection inside

Having a connect¬†at your potential new job can help you more than any of these tips. They can put in a word for you with the hiring manager. They also may be able to tell you the type of person that they are looking for with the position. I’ve had a couple of part-time jobs where I’ve had a friend working. Both times I was able to get an interview pretty quick. After both interviews, I was hired within a week. It pays to know someone on the inside.

Detailed cover letter

A lot of people make the mistake of using a generic cover letter when they are applying for jobs. That generic cover letter doesn’t do anything to set you apart from the other candidates. It’s a huge reason why many applicants don’t get an interview. I know I may take some time, but make sure that you create a detailed cover letter for each job.

Have reliable references

Make sure that you have reliable references listed on your resume. That can be the difference between you getting the new job or not. Make sure that you ask the possible reference if they could do it before you add them to your resume. Also, make sure that you get a working cell phone or office number from them. ¬†Third, make sure that you tell them that someone might call them in a few days and remember to pick up the phone. I’ve heard stories of people missing out on jobs because their references didn’t pick up the phone. That flat out sucks. Please remember to communicate with your references.

Send a thank-you note

Sending a thank you note is the last tip for today. This gesture goes a long way. It shows the interviewer that you respect the fact that they took the time out of their day to see you. Many people don’t send thank-you notes. This could give you a leg up on the competition.

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